Love and letting go


As we sit and watch
The one we love in the last stages of dying
The hardest thing to say is
“It is ok to let go”

Let go and move on
Find your freedom in the next world
I will be here
You will be there

But you will never be forgotten
Take your last breath
And in that, your last breath

I will breathe in
And make it my own
We will always be
Together forever

Dedicated to Michael and Gregory
Author: Kate Swaffer © 2015

22 thoughts on “Love and letting go

    • I have an order form for my first volume somewhere… but I will email you and we can do it that way, which is probably the easiest. Also, I have two more volumes coming out later this year as poetry seems to come out from my soul these days! A gift from dementia I believe…


  1. This was my favorite poem, as I mentioned, in your book of poetry. I was not with Gregory when he took his last breath but when I kissed him my final goodbye, I put my nose next to his open mouth and breathed deeply. In one more way he and I will be together forever. Out loud I told him I will miss how his smell. Gregory has shed his Dementia/Alzheimer’s limitations and can fly again. I am happy. Thank you Kate.


  2. Kate this is so poignant. I had to do this 40 years ago when my first wife, Annette died, at the age of 29. It is would have been her birthday tomorrow. Thank you for sharing this beautiful poem.


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