12 thoughts on “The world of “THAT’

  1. I quite agree Kate, it drives me mad at times. Another word is “absolutely” which seems to be used too much these days.
    I think it is because people are not taught to use English Grammar, these days and it drives me mad listening to the so called experts on radio and tv.
    Perhaps I am getting to old.

    Best wishes
    Ken xx


    • I only use this word, because of not being able to find the words I need… so, this and that, have become my generic language these days, frustrating for us all!!!! hugs to you both Ken xx


    • How often do I now use this word, and also get sick of needing to say it so much these days… the world of playing charades is a big happening in our house, as my husband and I try and work out what I mean!


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