9 thoughts on “Risk factors of dementia: physical, social and mental activity

  1. I was told recently by my GP that studies (or at least one study) has shown that crosswords don’t stop mental decline, and that social engagement is the best thing older people can do to delay mental decline.

    Do you know anythng about this Kate? (I haven’t had time to follow up on it so I can’t check it out)


    • At a research forum recently, it was announced these few things are risk reduction factors in dementia; 1. lifestyle changes, e.g. managing BP, cholesterol, diabetes and obesity, 2. Physical exercise, 3. Mental exercise, in particular NEW learning (so if you’ve never done crosswords, and find then challenging, they would be helpful), and reducing isolation.


  2. The risk factor of high blood pressure is really relevant for Maureen. What an irony the her blood pressure has been fine since stroke. It puzzles me that they didn’t suspect TIA’s years ago when I look back at the symptoms she was presnting to medics. Talk about ‘shutting the gate after the horse has bolted’.


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