Feeling disengaged…

Screen Shot 2015-10-17 at 12.10.11 pm

A long week behind me

Filled with mixed emotions

Unexpected news

A girlfriend with late stage cancer

Then an incredible high of

Meeting Roly Sussex, and

Sharing a program in Brisbane

With the wonderful Mick Carmody

More funerals

Then the  news of Margot’s death

Very little blogging

Even less DAI

Book edits very overdue,

A PhD proposal to complete…

So for now

My kitchen is closed

Not really due to illness

Other than

A tad sick of cooking

And far too much to do!

17 thoughts on “Feeling disengaged…

  1. Chillax dear Kate. Recharge. Clear your creative head.
    I’m gearing up for the summer (the “beach house”!!) but getting over loading/reloading the dishwasher….not quite sick of cooking yet but I’m getting good at easy options (LOVE the freezer!!). Haven’t cooked creatively in too long – lucky we’re spoilt for choice in local”gourmet food”. xx


  2. I am sorry to hear about your friend! I don’t know how you do it Kate! Your plate certainly sounds overloaded to me. What can you clear off, perhaps hand over to someone else? Please do take care of yourself. Easy does it!


  3. Thank you. Fully understand. It was certainly the highlight of our week, speaking on the same program as you has been a dream of mine for quite some time. I do not believe the run of bad news you are currently going through. We are sending big hugs.xxxxxx


  4. So your a poet now too. Is there no end to your talents and abilities. Better go think I have left something in the oven. I’m on a yellow card here if I burn anything else my P45 will be in the psot. Maureen says Celebrity Chefs are easy to find! Thanks Kate: just for being there!


    • Haha, thanks Paul. Yes, I am a poet, have been since Mr Dementia arrived in my life, and have one volume of poems already published, with two more to be published either later this year, or early 2016. They are ion the final edit stages now… Stay well, and keep me posted re Talking Point!! That, my friend, keeps me laughing 🙂


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