Architect ‘lived very well’ with Alzheimer’s

A beautiful Obituary for my friend Michael Horvich’s partner Gregory Maire 1948-2015… I especially love it as it clearly describes how Gregory “lived very well with Alzheimer’s”. I know it is not always easy for others, or even some people diagnosed with dementia to believe this is even remotely possible… but there are many who not only say it is, they are or were, living proof of it. R.I.P Gregory, and my love and healing light is always there for Michael as he learns to live without his beloved life long partner. Article published in The Chicago Tribune, by Graydon Megan. Michael’s blog on their shared experience says; “This BLOG is dedicated to Gregory, not a victim of Alzheimer’s but a hero.” I am definitely choosing to live beyond the diagnosis of dementia, and to live until I die.

Tribune Obit

5 thoughts on “Architect ‘lived very well’ with Alzheimer’s

  1. Hi Kate, I always find your posts are so interesting. I am doing the Bachelor of Dementia with the UTAS and I know there will be times that I would love to use a quote from your postings. I am requesting your permission to be able to quote you in my future assignments. You are amazing.
    Cheers Jillian


    • Thanks Jillian… of course, you may use quotes from my blog, as long as you reference them to me (the Referencing guidelines these days usually have how to reference an online source like a blog). Good luck with the course too, I really hope you are enjoying it


  2. Thanks Kate. Really appreciated you posting this. Seeing it here helps convince me that Gregory has really moved on! I am doing well but every now and then the “veil” parts and I see the reality of his death and miss him and I grieve and weep. But then I keep on keeping on, and feel better, and know that he has become my guardian angel and has no more problems of his own over which to worry.

    I have always said the “Gregory is a hero, not a victim!” but your blogs and writing has increased my awareness of living beyond and living well with Dementia/ Alzheimer’s as well as the appropriate language to use when discussing it, so thank you for helping me see was is and what was!

    May I share: I continue to post as I revisit Gregory’s and my journey and as I process the next chapter of my life. Always love to you and positive thoughts.


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