Ok, so there are more men in my life…

Image source: Mick Carmody

Image source: Mick Carmody

I might have mentioned an online friend who is sending me YouTube links to Willie Nelson tracks for Christmas. So, it seems, Paul is another man in my life, and having some impact as well!  The downside to this, if there is one, is that I have no desire to write blogs, and just want to sit and listen to Willie… plus, I’m trying to finish another book, and the deadlines are getting rather tight! So, if you don’t see me here for a few days, blame Paul, Willie and the other publisher!

Ps. Mick Carmody, you are another one of the men in my life! I’m really hoping my dear BUB has a big heart… and am sorry I totally forgot about the support group today and last night. And then, after your reminder, I could not find the link to join.

6 thoughts on “Ok, so there are more men in my life…

  1. Hi Kate You silly sausage. I read your blog last night and listened to the song and never thought another thing about it. Don’t stress about the meetings, I know you are racing to a deadline for your book.Good luck. Chat when you are finished.

    Best wishes,MickMick CarmodyMobile +61 449 295 900Dementia Alliance International | @DementiaAlliancOnline Support Group Facilitator and HostSee the person, not the dementia

    Date: Tue, 15 Dec 2015 07:03:24 +0000 To: mikoc@live.com.au


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