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Many other authors have advised me never to read a review of my book as it can be hurtful when they are negative, However, I have gotten used to so much criticism here, and even hatred and vitriol on Facebook (last year, which is now over thanks to the ability to block the offenders) I feel ok  about reading it.

Hence, I am posting the first review of my book, which was actually written a few weeks ago, as the person is a reviewer, and was sent a draft of my manuscript to read (not even the final one) so there was a review up when the book was released. Unfortunately, if he had read the book thoroughly and ‘really listened to me’, or done any research at all on me, he would not have referred to me (or others with dementia) as a sufferer, as per this screen shot of the (original) review. Even the title of it calls me a sufferer…. How is this ok, if someone reviews a book, even says they like it, then completely ignores your numerous requests in the book not to be labelled that way? Confused, that is for sure. In fact, I think I’d prefer a lousy review.

Give me a great review. Give me a dreadful review. But, please do not call me a sufferer.

But  the way I have just been advised by the reviewer that it has either been edited or deleted and I thank him for pushing Amazon so hard to rectify his access.


Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 9.55.59 amThis is my reply (the first one I added, I removed as I have been in contact with him and asked him many times to edit it I understand there was a glitch with Amazon, but if I could edit, remove, add another, which I also edited, then it is a little puzzling.

Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 9.56.21 am



11 thoughts on “Review of my book

  1. I understand your dislike of the word suffering as I dislike the word “interesting” as in when people say I find dementia interesting! I find nothing about dementia interesting! I also dislike the word “disease” when talking about a person with dementia, I always refer to it as an illness ! My SIL is not “suffering” from an “interesting disease” Phyllis has YOD & is very much living her life to the fullest that she is able to with her disAbility! ☺


  2. Hi Kate,
    I have not managed to get a copy of your book yet, but will do so very soon.
    I always ignore critical comments because they are largely from people who have no idea about what you are going through, or what has happened since you were diagnosed.
    In the past I found many of the bad comments came from carers, who thought wrongly, that every form of dementia was the same, and if you did not fit in with their caring roles, then you never had the illness.
    You are far too good for these people, because you have inspired many others to get on with life after the diagnosis, and that’s the important thing.
    It takes guts to write about your experiences, and from the clips I have seen, you have done a wonderful job.

    Well done



    • Dear Ken… we have had a similar experience it seems then, though this review was a good one, except for being disrespectful of my clear wish in the book, never to refer to me as a sufferer! Hope you are feeling better, and to see you later in the year… Hugs always to you both


    • Oh dear… I guess that is what happened!? It is a shame he felt so offended he removed it completely. It is odd to me, that only authors have to have thick skins, but reviewers seem not to… 😉


  3. I think I counted 7 “sufferings” and shuddered each time! Glad it was removed. It was a beautiful review (minus suffering) and the term was used so often that it was beyond comical to anyone who knows, reads, and loves you! But I suffered through reading the review and for the most part was pleased with what the suffering reviewer said:-) P.S. Just found out from Amazon that my copy will arrive on 1/26! Hurray.


    • Your comment has made me giggle… even I didn’t count how many times that word was used, but found it hilarious you did, and am glad you did too, as it highlighted why it annoyed me so much. But yes, as you say, the rest of the review was good.
      It’s seems my honesty and request to edit it has upset the reviewer enough he removed it completely! If an author has to accept a review, surely the reviewer is in the same boat?
      Look forward to that real hug one of these days xx


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