The sweetness of life

Screen Shot 2016-01-22 at 7.42.41 am

Is for living
For dreaming
And for learning

Is for crying
For healing
And for moving on

Is for remembering
Sweet times
And for family and friends

With fading memories
Is a roller coaster of loss and grief

With dementia
Can still be fun

7 thoughts on “The sweetness of life

  1. that is so true, n yes you can still enjoy life with terminal illnesses. One thing i have learnt from my Grandads experience with dementia is that you can still be happy and have fun despite having an incurable illness and having some barriers. My grandad is predominately happy and he makes the most of every day like you😊Keep up your zest for life Kate-your amazing😊


  2. very true Kate, life can be very enjoyable but also depends of the individual’
    choice, i work with high care residents, and i would love to see them singing along with their favourites melodies, dancing etc, but there are some off moments that leave you feeling for that person… even though is for a period of time… I wish can not be like that , life is hard in many cases.


  3. You wouldn’t believe what we get up to. Life is for living; since bilateral hip replacement I’ve been recommended not to run: it wears out the implants. Since stroke there are lots of things Maureen can’t do: there are many that she can. We still have a great deal of living to do. How we live our lives is up to us: we will never let others ‘prescribe’ how to live our lives: ‘know what i mean nudge, nudge, wink, wink’.


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