Does university = success?

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Yearning for university

Almost from my first day at school

Nursing came long instead

Long before that became a degree

Like an escape

And still no university for me

And in spite of this

 Many other things were achieved and accomplished

Life now with dementia, and

Incredibly, university has become part of my life

At least for now

Certainly until the ‘intellectual reserve’

I am so regularly reminded will run out (!)

University was not what I needed to really succeed

No, not even one little bit

But perhaps dementia was?

16 thoughts on “Does university = success?

  1. A really interesting blog Kate, thank you. As you know, because of dad’s dementia, university didn’t happen for me either. To quote you: “University was not what I needed to really succeed. No, not even one little bit. But perhaps dementia was?”. I couldn’t have written that better myself, nor could I align with the sentiment in your words any more. I know our experiences are very different, yours as a person living with dementia, and mine as someone who spent many years supporting my parent through his unique experiences of dementia, but through our differences so much commonality too. Sending love and hugs xx


  2. Your cognitive reserve won’t “run out”, dear Kate, it’ll change how it compensates. Never lose sight of Stephen Hawking’s influence on assistive technologies…This new university challenge will help you, I think, to find just how much work you’ve already done and to congratulate yourself.

    Dementia may have shown you who you really are: a glorious soul, a dear heart, a full human being whose time to act matters to all who love and respect you. “Take it slow” as Veda says. xx


  3. You are a beautiful soul. An amazing person. You achieve every day, not just in your personal successes but in the lives you touch. Bless you.


  4. There are many ways to measure success as a person. Degree; Wealth; University; Friends, etc etc. Any way I look at it, you are a great teacher as well as a success. You’ve influenced many people in a positive way Kate. I agree with your comment about Dementia, I’ve learnt much through this thing called Dementia.


  5. Mature students bring a different perspective to learning. How fortunate that you are able to share with the ‘learned folk’ in the comfort of their own homes! Hope they continue to pay attention to your teaching!


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