When private health feels like public health

Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 12.45.45 pmToday I am totally off topic, off genre, and off most other things, but felt like a bit of a rant about a few things!! Apologies in advance… perhaps give up now or you may regret reading this blog!!!

Ok, perhaps I shouldn’t complain, as after all, I did wake up today, but I have always believed in ensuring I can afford to pay for private health care, since I was 18, and have always worked so that could happen. I’ve obviously been under many illusions. For example, for many years, when I was married to a doctor, when I could MOST afford the gaps, I was never charged them. Now, when I could really do with not paying the many gaps between what medicare or my private health care provider cover, they are exorbitant. And lately, when receiving treatment covered by my private health insurer, as I have been paying for it, it has felt more like a public health rebate service.

Sure, I can get an appointment when I want one with most medical services, except perhaps a specialist, but, if I don’t use one of the private insurance medical providers for the service, the gap is MUCH, MUCH higher. This has led me to wonder is it really private health insurance at all then, if I am financially penalised for wanting to choose my own service provider, e.g. a dentist, but who is not on their list?

No doubt this has been going on for many years, perhaps even forever, but I’m a bit slow and just twigged to it!! This does NOT encourage people to want to talk your private health insurance, and even for me, I am almost convinced I’ll head for Medicare only, and just pay the gaps of my chosen providers.

On top of that, I tried to get travel insurance last week, and found that because I attend a physiotherapist regularly to maintain my spine, which more than five years ago, I had multiple surgeries on, and which without maintenance, I would be much less mobile, if at all, I was penalised for looking after my health and denied insurance!

If I had ignored having treatment, and not kept myself as mobile and functional as possible, they would have given me travel insurance cover. What the…

Thanks for listening , if you are still here!!



25 thoughts on “When private health feels like public health

  1. Totally agree with you Kate and well said. Also, how is it fair that a couple under a family membership pay the same premium as a couple with say, 5 children.


  2. Totally agree Kate, now that we are retired it’s getting harder to afford the gaps and the premiums, sometimes I feel that we are mugs for staying with private health.


  3. Hi Kate we have the NHS but that is going down hill as although it’s a national health service it appears to be an international health service that anybody Seems to be able to use for free. I had a CT scan in November and have to wait until The middle of May to see the consultant for the results, I could be dead before, then only joking. As for travel insurance I am quite well apart from my diagnosis of Alzheimer’s and when I mentioned this to the travel insurance last May it jumped from £24 to £109 for a week in Majorca. as you know that on its own is not dementia is not suddenly going to make me ill. It’s just a money making industry.


    • OMG, a CT scan in November2016, and you don’t get the results until May2016? That is not only outrageous, surely it must be unethical? Wow, the NHS sounds MUCH worse than our health system here, although in my state, we are very quickly had ing in that direction!


      • Hi Kate yes it is,the NHS is going to the dogs. That is because the powers that be in government want it too, because the rich would just love to have private health care that only they can afford. As they said in Scrooge it would reduce the surplus population.
        As regards to the scan when they put my consultation with the consultant back from December to March they had put the consultation back before I even had the scan but at that time didn’t know if it was serious or not but then in January they put it back to May. They do this because they get a fine if you have not ben contacted within, I think it’s 8 weeks but could be wrong. And because they had changed my appointment thats classed as a contact. I was fuming and said if they sent me a letter saying don’t worry I was prepared to wait until May but if not then I wanted to be seen earlier. Last week I got a reply saying there was something on the CT scan but with my condition it wasn’t unusual . Now I don’t mind waiting until May.
        Like you though if they changed the NHS to private care as you get older the premium would be sky high which most of us wouldn’t be able to afford and with most private care they don’t cover previous conditions so it would be a waste of money for us to pay.


  4. The entire system is rigged Kate. This is why waking up to truth is so hard to swallow for many. Just keep waking people up around you to the illusion and hopefully soon we will witness the downfall of the system and life will begin to change course and the world will finally care about each other and no longer care about money and profit. This vision of freedom is what spurs us on my friend. We’ll get there. Hugs…VK ❤


  5. Yeah tell me about it. It costs Glenys a fortune each week with Physiotherapy, Chiropractor, Acupuncture, massage and Physio-supervised Pilates to continue to improve and to reduce pain after a major car accident. Plus the health fund costs on top of it, each fortnight!


      • Only just saw your comment here Kate. Sorry.
        In reply to your question, she doesn’t list it. She won’t claim either though. Even this last trip when she had a few bad days, she just did all the things that she’s learnt works, and although it took 3 days it sorted itself. I think her biggest concern would be if she had a really bad fall with a broken bone or something, the insurance company would try to get out the claim somehow. We go with Worldcare Travel now. But they’re all as bad as each other though.


  6. Had top cover health insurance and was given a nasty surprise when had a small procedure done had to pay a large gap fee straight away. Checked with the provider and yes top cover did not totally cover my health needs. Good on you Kate, you have every right to be disappointed. Taking care of your health should not incur penalties but should be encouraged.


  7. Hi Kate, I did not find your blog out of place as this has been a hot topic in our house recently. I have been onto our private health insurer and have complained about the increasing rise in premiums with no increase in benefits. It does leave one wondering is it worth it? I feel that the private health insurers need to overhaul their benefits to make it worthwhile.


    • Agree, Private insurers need to do that, but I also feel, we need to do something about the totally outrageous and socially unjust rates medical specialist and others are allowed to charge. Ever time I attend the MRI clinic, and they ask my name, I say; “I am the next Porshe payment!” they look at me as if I am odd (no comment please!!!_, but even the receptionist, who is probably being paid about $25/hour, seems to think it’s ok her employers are probably earning in excess of a million… go figure?


  8. Still here- Private health is not worth it! I did some calculations and I am better off paying my dentist straight out, otherwise I would be $1200 out of pocket. By the time I pay the premiums and wait 12 months (major work) I am actually going to be out of pocket.
    I just had another! phone call from select, just because I enquired about health insurance online. Now they want to sell me another electricity provider. It’s now bordering on harassment 5 calls later. I just told him NO. P.S. I will listen to your rants any day, gives me something to compare:) Keep smiling.


  9. What is really hard to accept in the UK is the same physician working in both camps. That can mean two sets of records and access to them can be problematic to other physicians. I have no doubt that one of our issues is staff managing dwindling resources and the patient paying the price. Once dementia featured for Maureen she was eased down the P D route. That shift took place because of a shortage of resources for Stroke Rehabilitation: they got one off their books!


    • The shortage of funding and resources is the excuse world wide, as doctors and politicians ride around in their Porsches and Mercedes Benz (or Rolls Royce)… we have one private clinic and hospital here, cynically nicknamed “Porsche-med’!!!


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