12 thoughts on “How to be a nice person

  1. Thank you Kate a very close friend died today and and she followed this way of living. Especially work hard – didn’t get to enjoy her retirement as cancer claimed her life, but was always thinking of everyone else and never complained,lived six years longer than doctors predicted.


  2. Nice people are also human my lovely Kate. We can all have moments where we arent always the person we strive to be. However, if we can acknowledge this to ourselves, then we are better people for it.
    Dont beat yourself up for being human.
    I think most people would view you as much more than nice. You are amazing and kind and thoughtful and compassionate. You help others when others do not.
    You are wonderful .


  3. Makes me think of that wonderful book The Four Agreements….Live by those four agreements and you are living life to the best of your ability.We just have to commit ourselves to working towards it every day! You are that person already Kate. We are human and all we can do is try our very best. Hugs to you friend…VK ❤


  4. I also try to live by these words everyday, I believe when you treat people with kindness an inner beauty shines through that no money can buy, no cosmetic procedure can achieve and living in the society we do, there is so much emphasis on how we should look, I think if we as people put more effort on being kind, and working on ourselves to become kinder people, as we do on our appearances’ the world would definitely be a more kinder place, that and all the beautiful qualities we as people possess.


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