People with dementia still experience happiness

This quote by Harry Urban, and who also openly and honestly says he has bad days some of the time from his diagnosis of dementia, writes a fabulous blog about the reality of his world, including the less than positive moments, but also how he is, and you and others can, live positively with dementia and still be happy. He has a page of incredible quotes about his reality and how he is still happy, and living positively, in spite of dementia. Thanks Harry for being inspiring and for sharing your inner world with us all.

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15 thoughts on “People with dementia still experience happiness

  1. Kate, I think that V & I have found a new kind of happiness in the last year. Sure, sometimes things are the pits, but as I learn more from you people with dementia and as V relaxes emotionally there’s a new level of mutual respect and unswerving love between us. When we “fail” & either/both of us throw a tantie we end up laughing. xxx


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  3. Gregory found happiness during his 12 years and even during the most difficult last 2! We laughed a lot. He could joke and be silly. I have many photos of him looking so so happy. And that made me happy as well!


  4. Thank you for introducing us to Harry’s life-affirming site. I never cease to be amazed, Kate, at how positive you are and what a role model you are for people who live with this illness, whether they are diagnosed with dementia or relatives. Thank you for opening our eyes to all this. xx


  5. Hi Kate so true you can lead a positive, happy and full life living well with dementia. We just need a little help from time to time. Why shouldn’t we it is those without dementia who think we should be unhappy and miserable. But once again it’s the old adage they don’t ask those with the condition at the beginning what they need and want. But tell us half way through what we need.


    • I totally agree with this Lesley…”it is those without dementia who think we should be unhappy and miserable!” They are also the ones who absolutely insist we are all suffering too. Hugs to you xox


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