To the family and friends of people with dementia

I cannot claim this is what most or even many people with dementia would want their families and friends who no longer support them or visit them or spend time with them since being diagnosed with dementia to hear… A great many of us with dementia no longer have ‘active’ relationships with them, although we do still love you, and most of us miss you in our lives. Peter Allan, one of my all time musical heroes, sings about love.

12 thoughts on “To the family and friends of people with dementia

  1. Thanks Kate. Lovely thought to do it in this way. I suspect you are speaking for many people with dementia who are no longer able to do this.


    • Sadly, I suspect that is correct, especially when I read research about how FEW other to visit someone once they are in a residential care facility. I hear the stories of loss and grief almost every day… if only families and friends would stop and think how hurtful and unkind it is before they disappear.


  2. We are the lucky ones. We still have some contact with friends and their support. And mh family have accepted this disease. And help us to move forward and try to enjoy the life we have. We have wonderfull carers who are such treasures. Xx 😊


    • I still feel lucky, even though many of my ‘old friends and family’ no longer contact us – I have an amazing, brilliant, totally loving and unconditional, and wonderful group of very close friends who do, and about 6 family beyond my husband and sons who are brilliant. Every day, I hear stories of this loss of friends and family – from people with dementia all around the world, so this blog was a ‘Clarion call’ to all of them to ‘come back’… we all say to each other, if we were not all in the online global community, we would all be VERY lonely for human contact.


  3. Thanks Kate I’ll play this for my mum soon. She is 95 in a couple of weeks and loves music. Her dementia is taking it’s toll now and she is rather unsteady on her feet. So I’ll hold her hand and we’ill remember dancing together. She would go over the steps with me, clad in her dressing gown, when I returned home after a night at Victor Sylverster’s Dance Studio in Coventry.


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