“Sexuality and dementia: Right Risks and responsibilities.”

Rhonda Nay

This week, Dementia Alliance International (DAI) is holding another of its monthly educational Webinars, and I forgot to share it here. Our guest speaker is Emeritus Professor Rhonda Nay, and she is talking on Sexuality and dementia: Rights, risks and responsibilities.

About Rhonda’s session: Walk into a room and say ‘sex’ and everyone will sit up and listen. Sex sells – with young firm bodies. We all talk about it generally but rarely personally. Parents are so private most younger people cannot bear to think about them actually still ‘doing it’. Even GPs do not want to talk to older people about sexuality. Many older people have spoken about how they feel invisible; their sexuality is worse than invisible – it is the subject of ridicule and labels like ‘dirty old man’. Add in dementia and we have shock, embarrassment, patronising protectiveness, allegations and blame games, and abuse. In this presentation I aim to get you thinking about sex/sexuality and people living with dementia as a minefield of rights, risks and responsibilities. My aim is not to shock but it may be a by-product; rather I want you to leave the discussion wanting to continue the conversation with anyone you can get to listen. People living with dementia continue to experience stigma – I want to work with you to further reduce the stigma and together we can challenge those who continue to stigmatise.

About Rhonda: Rhonda Nay is Emeritus Professor at La Trobe University. Prior to her retirement in 2013 she had variously been Prof of Gerontic Nursing, Prof of Interdisciplinary Aged Care, Director of numerous Research Institutes and Centres, including the Dementia Training Studies Centre Victoria & Tasmania and the Victorian hub of the Dementia Collaborative Research Centre – Consumers and Carers; Head of Nursing at La Trobe and the University of New England; President of AAG Victoria, a Director on the Board of the aged care accreditation agency. She has had extensive experience on government, industry and professional boards and committee and advised a long line of changing government Ministers. Rhonda has been a member of AA and worked closely with both National and State Alzheimer’s projects for many years. Her research on sexuality dates back to 1987 and has remained an ongoing interest.  DAI is very lucky she has agreed to given up her time to present to our members and supporters.

Please do join us for this stimulating and provocative discussion! Rhonda will also answer questions, and it would be very helpful if you are able to email them to us in advance at info@infodai.org .

You will find her presentation and the discussions that will follow enlightening, and we feel sure, if you work in aged and dementia care, culture changing.

We do record the presentation but the discussion following the presentations to A Meeting of the Minds are not recorded, to preserve the privacy of those attending.

Therefore the only way to experience this portion of A Meeting of the Minds is to register and attend.

The Zoom platform we use now has the option to only show the speaker and power point slides when we record, so your privacy is also protected during the presentation.


  • Wednesday, February 24, 2016 (USA/UK/CA), and
  • Thursday, February 25, 2016 (Australia/NZ/Japan/Indonesia)

TIME: 3:00 PM (GMT- 6:00) Central Time (US/Canada), 2016 (AEST-8:00)

Start Time (USA/CA/UK/EU):

  • 1.00 p.m. Pacific Time (San Francisco);
  • 2.00 p.m. Mountain Time;
  • 3.00 pm Central Time (Chicago)
  • 4.00 p.m. Eastern Time (Washington DC);
  • 1.00 p.m. Vancouver, Canada;
  • 11.00 a.m. in Honolulu, Hawaii;
  • 9.00 p.m. in the UK;
  • 10.00 p.m. in Paris and Budapest

Start time (Australia/NZ/Japan/Indonesia):

  • 7.00 a.m. in Brisbane;
  • 8.00 a.m. Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne;
  • 5.00 a.m. in Perth;
  • 7.30 a.m. in Adelaide;
  • 10.00 a.m. in Auckland, New Zealand;
  • 4.00 a.m. in Indonesia;
  • 6.00 a.m. in Tokyo, Japan

The WEBINAR will run for 1.5 hours.

To find out the start time in your city if not listed above, http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?msg=DAI+A+Meeting+of+the+Minds+with+Emeritus+Professor+Rhonda+Nay&iso=20160224T15&p1=64&ah=1&am=30

You can register here…

You will receive an email confirmation that contains login details and instructions on how to join the online Webinar.

Note: Attending our events supports everyone connected to dementia, whether the person diagnosed, our care partners, or the professionals and research community who work to support us and improve our lives. We have needed to start to charge a fee for anyone who is employed. Most will be able to claim the cost of the tickets as a tax deduction. The fee for this service supports your education, and also supports our work, which importantly, directly supports people with dementia to support themselves. If you need a certificate of attendance, please email us at info@infodai.org

The Webinar is FREE for people with dementia.

Care partners are usually no longer in paid employment, and therefore if unemployed, tickets are free.

Your donations are always appreciated and do make a difference:

  • $US 5.00 covers the average cost of one of our monthly bank fees
  • $US 50.00 covers the average of the cost of our monthly Zoom subscription fee
  • $US 100.00 covers the average monthly cost of the MailChimp subscription
  • $US 300.00 covers the current cost of 3 months of website management fees

Option: Our nonprofit partner, PayPal charges us a transaction fee to cover fees and other processing costs, to securely process your donation. Please consider adding an additional small amount to your donation so 100% of your donation amount goes to Dementia Alliance International.

Thank you.

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