Still just doing my best…

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Sometimes I get it wrong
Sometimes I get it right
Sometimes things I do or say upset people
Sometimes I am misunderstood
Sometimes I misunderstand
Sometimes I am struggling more with dementia than on other days
Sometimes I am unwell with other health issues
Sometimes I am happy
Sometimes I am crying or sad
But always
I am working my arse off
Giving it my best…

18 thoughts on “Still just doing my best…

  1. The World would never expect any more than one’s best. As for people well that’s another story altogether. Bugger them, you keep one doing your best as only you can.


  2. Please ‘keep at it’ Kate! I think you are and have done a fantastic job. I’m reading your book right now and am appreciating your gifts of thinking, courage, and writing. My husband has Alzheimer’s disease.


  3. Kate, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for your writings. They are broadening my perspective on living with dementia. My mom died suddenly last year and shortly after, my dad was diagnosed with vascular dementia. He and I are learning together what this disease brings to our lives. You have helped us travel with new eyes…finding the good in things and keeping our sense of humor alive to deal better with the bad days. We extend grateful thanks to you and wish you and yours the best on your journey through the labyrinth.


      • Thanks, Kate. Not sure if this fellow is on your radar but he is also trying to change the culture around dementia and aging. If you like, search for: Dr. Bill Thomas: Age of Disruption Tour. I hope to catch a stop on the tour. Not sure if he’ll present internationally, but he is in the trenches with people like you. Fighting every day for change. Big hug back to you.


      • Thanks Robin… and yes, tined into him some time ago! It’s lonely, but also good to have a few on my side of the fence, and that group is growing exponentially these days. Hurray! xox


  4. You are giving 150% of yourself, from what I see [big hug]. I think you might like to go to YouTube and have a listen to “I did it my way” …. a great ballad and very relevant to some of us (especially me, since I am NOT your typical middle-aged woman). Here it is …..


    • That you Paul… It is not all about PD either, sometimes the fear of being hurt stops one from living or writing. This has been my experience the last few days, and after much soul searching, I refuse to be silenced because of fear of further retribution. I know I am always giving it my best to live and to serve others, and although I may get it wrong, or others think I get it wrong, I have to keep at it.


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