The Anti Depressant Scandal

Read About The Anti Depressant Scandal In “The Emperor’s New Drugs”, And Research One Old Drug – which surely applies to the use of anti psychotics in dementia… written by By AZ Desert Rat  and published on Monday Nov 26, 2012 on DAILY KOS

Key excerpts from “The Emperor’s New Drugs: Exploding the Antidepressant Myth” by Irving Kirsch (Mar 8, 2011), backed up by detailed and unbiased statistical analysis:

“The belief that antidepressants can cure depression chemically is simply wrong.”
“Using these standards to judge the effectiveness of a (antidepressants) is voodoo science to the nth degree.”

“In their most recent analysis of the data, the FDA concluded that, when compared to (sugar pills), (antidepressants) double the risk of suicidal thoughts and behaviors in depressed patients up to the age of 24”

“(side effects of antidepressants include)…sexual dysfunction…seizures…mania..panic attacks…twitching…anorexia…hallucinations…” [some of the things people with dementia are reported as having – which may be caused by the drugs they are being prescribed!]

“while only a minority report any particular side effect, the number of patients who report suffering from at least one of them is quite high, ranging from half…to the vast majority…”

In summary, antidepressants are more accurately viewed as dangerous, habit-forming, sexual inhibitors that have the occasional side effect of improving depression.
Even the scientists are now admitting that the entire theory of levels of Serotonin affecting mood is wrong.   Much of the last 50 years of research has been digging in the wrong hole.  To the degree that antidepressants do work, it is because of the placebo effect in which people believe themselves into health, combined with a small and incidental drug effect.

How can you believe Dr. Irving Kirsch, the author of The Emperor’s New Drugs?

Read the full story here…

15 thoughts on “The Anti Depressant Scandal

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  2. While I agree with you on the need for caution with medications and the aged, and more importantly those with dementia, I am sorry I cannot subscribe to any theory that tells me that anti depressants have no benefit generally. They are definitely over prescribed, and not taken correctly in many cases, but speaking personally , they saved my life at a time when I was broken. When you are on one, and it is not working, and you are given another and within 4 days you are turned around…. there is only one conclusion to draw and that is that the medication has altered something. I had not had time to finish the CBT that I went through, nothing had changed in my personal life, and the depression that had plagued me for my whole life eased off and I learned how to deal with it.
    Currently I am investigating other courses of action, more holistic ones for my daughter who has anxiety disorders so I am not opposed to thinking outside of the drug paradigm of health.
    Best Wishes


  3. Big Pharma has always made drugs to harm not help! Alternative health choices were established for a reason! To offer people a safe choice. I haven’t popped a Big Pharma pill in probably 15 or more years..It is a disgrace what they have done to human lives all in the name of profit and control !!!!! Hugs…VK ❤


  4. Kate, I am concerned about this 4-year old article. It’s odd that the Mayo Clinic has not picked up on this as I doubt they are “in the pockets” of the drug companies. I, too, am extremely critical of the hold the drug companies have on the public and the medical profession, but I can’t help wondering about the validity of this article and purported research since it seems to have gone unnoticed for 4 years. Until I look into it more I don’t want to retweet it. With apologies, Mary


    • That’s fine Mary… I am not sure of the article either, and adding things here, does not necessarily mean I endorse all or part of it. I like to promote thinking, which this type of piece does. Absolutely no need to apologise… x


  5. Hi Kate

    Giving people with a dementia inappropriate medication is rife in Sydney Australia which is why the Alzheimer’s Association produced a video to educate Drs. To quote the research

    antipsychotic medication is used:

    too frequently
    for too long
    without timely review
    with little benefit
    with serious side effects and
    illegally i.e. the family or Enduring Power of Attorney only gave permission in 6% of cases according to a study of Sydney Nursing Homes in 2009 (Rendina et al., 2009 cited in[1] The Use of Restraints and Psychotropic Medications in People with Dementia pg.4

    More info in the middle of our Case Study ‘Hugs not Drugs’ at

    Kate Lambert
    Daughterly Care


  6. Here here. My husband has had ftd 6 years now. All pills change him and mood for worse. Only way is to find things that keep him happy. Drive in the car to stimulate his imagination. Watching snooker football game shows. Making him laugh ie dancing with him. Cups tea and biscuits. The list is endless. Pills are at the bottom of our list.


  7. Thanks for covering this Kate. As I said in my Blog yesterday If I hadn’t read Irving’s book I would have been on antidepressants for life. Chemical imbalance is a myth pedalled by drug companies to sell their products: it is nothing else!


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