Congratulations to the SA 2018 AOTY winners

Last night, I had the honour of announcing the winner of the South Australian 2018 Winner of the Australian Of The Year, Professor David David, for his work as a Craniofascial pioneer. He was amongst a group of outstanding South Australian finalists, in all categories. What attending the event did for me, was bring back the pleasure of having been announced as the winner of this award almost twelve months ago. I felt a sense of pride again, not only for being a South Australian, but for the work I do, and continue to do it, in spite of being maliciously accused of being a medical fraud and publicly defamed. Every state winner for 2017 recieved a lot of negative press; sad, but also true.

I felt a strange mixture of emotions.



And a sense of fear for the new winners and their families.

So my message to the winners in each state for the AOTY 2018 award is this:

Enjoy your year ahead.

Be very proud.

Be VERY wary of which reporters you agree to talk to.

Finally, please remember that Tall Poppy syndrome is still alive and well in Australia.

13 thoughts on “Congratulations to the SA 2018 AOTY winners

  1. Isn’t it sad that Tall Poppy syndrome still exists. I don’t know why we can’t be happy for someone else’s success. It’s like the Crabs in a Bucket syndrome – when one tries to climb out, the others pull it back down instead of allowing it to climb out to reach back and help the other ones up.


  2. Wow-thats so cool Kate and i’m glad you got the opportunity to announce the winners and enjoyed it-must have been exciting! Be proud of yourself Kate-people underestimate your health issues/my grandads and say “there lying about there health issues” or they are pretty good healthwise”. Those winners are absolutely inspirational and its so sad that they have had negative publicity-those people who make those silly remarks are wrong. Very sound advice Kate!Take care, Sam


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