Passive competitive behaviour?

No doubt everyone is feeling the effects of over indulging from the last few days, but also, hopefully, of being loved and cared about. The last couple of days have definitely filled up my tank of hopefulness and joy, but as I have had more time than usual to ponder on life’s events, I felt the need to reblog on my idea of there being such as thing as ‘passive competitive behaviour’…

I’ve recently become ‘fairly certain’ that there are more Passive Competitive people than I ever imagined, and that it is a real behaviour or psychological condition. It is also a term I am in the process of Trademarking, and now believe it deserves more attention.  I’m attempting to write a short piece, known as a ‘Hot topic’ in academic journals on ethics and dementia, and this term will will now feature in this article. Perhaps it is also a sign of the very real existence of the Tall Poppy Syndrome, which is also a serious form of bullying?

18 thoughts on “Passive competitive behaviour?

  1. Fascinating!
    I was reflecting on self. I considered a term “passive competitive”. In a sense it is a term that does not exist….I thought.

    I thought to myself, I will google it to see if it is mentioned in the dsm 5.
    I will make an attempt to define this term for those interested. I will also make an attempt to make a discovery of possible cues for disorder definition.

    So in essence, it really exists as a part of all of us. “Passive competitive”. Who’d a thunk it.


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  3. Thank you Kate for introducing this interesting concept. Maybe it is not all negative; I mean if people need to compete (e.g. elections for public office) then perhaps this is a civilised way to go about it? Or have I misunderstood? Anyway, I look forward to seeing how you develop this idea.


  4. It’s definitely a ‘thing’. Remarkably funny witnessing two people afflicted with PC having a discussion… A bragfest really, but subtle in trying to hide it. Xx ________________________________________


  5. I’m really intrigued and can’t wait to read what you’ve written!! Your mental analysis of things “as they are” is thoroughly incredible!! Congratulations !!


  6. Happy Holidays Kate! Thanks for sharing this article…Seems I’ve been dealing with this in my home for the past eight days! I’ll be glad when the visit is over and I can return to MY space. Ahhhhh! Be well and stay sweet…Much love, VK ❤


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