Yoga is beneficial… #WTF

Ok, so I maybe I’m being overly melodramatic, and need to apologise up front for my heading!

But really… #WTF… Like we needed the British Geriatrics Society blog to tell us yoga is good for us, and then they refer us to a research project in the Age and Ageing Journal, published in 2018, saying yoga is good for people who are over 60!  Perhaps even people with dementia would find it so, and  I really do wonder about the money we waste on research for things like this.

Yoga is more than 5000 years old, and the benefits of it to our health have been documented for hundreds (possibly thousands) of years. It continues to stun me that health care professionals, educated under the very YOUNG western health care (d=medicine and nursing) system, are so slow to accept, or believe in such beneficial techniques as yoga, that are already proven.

I’ve been practicing yoga (very intermittently), since i still lived on the farm as a teenager, and know the benefits of it, without needing to wait for some ‘western’ university or research project to tell me!!! Yoga is beneficial a technique I have also been practising regularly since I was 21, has evidence of its benefits, and includes a form of yoga known as pranayama. Isn’t it time we all woke up??

Yoga is beneficial… of course it is, an academic journal told me so!



20 thoughts on “Yoga is beneficial… #WTF

  1. Love the humour in your heading Kate. Tai chi with breathing to and from the belly and long, continuous breath without a pause between the inhale is also a beneficial practice. Cheers ness

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