Happy to be labelled!

For a change, I’m delighted to actually want to be labelled!!! Of course, many here will be surprised and wonder why.

A dear friend and colleague posted a blog called ‘Labelled‘, and I’m extremely happy to be labelled one of the ‘criticals’…

Dr Peter Gordon wrote:

‘There appears to be a new diagnostic category being used by some senior members of the Royal College of Psychiatrists. I am referring here to the frequent use of the word “C R I T I C A L S”  as a pejorative label generally used to describe anybody who may offer a different view.

Phrases that have been used to accompany this label include: “ill informed”, “misinterpretations”  “most vocal”, “from a moral vacuum”, “pretend they care”, “irresponsible”, “propaganda”,  “biased”, “designed to mislead”, and “wholly mince”.

I most certainly do not consider myself ill informed, irresponsible or a moral vacuum. I’m learning new things every day, and am changing my mind or opinion on many things quite often.

Oh, and I really do care; I don’t ever pretend to. Not even once.

I’ll continue to be one of the ‘criticals’ for as long as I can still speak or write, or until there is tangible change.

The end.

14 thoughts on “Happy to be labelled!

  1. Your comment gives me the courage to continue to be A Critical -so many times I argue with Professionals who are very so protective of their field of expertise that they have closed minds when it comes to dementia.
    As a retired educator of children of special needs I am now fighting for the rights of not only,my husband, but all those living with dementia!
    A new label might be “Couragious Criticals”

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  2. Wow, what an interesting, yet informative, blog post, Kate. It is strange, because prior to reading this blog, and reading previous blog posts, i thought it was strange to be labelled, but one of the things i have learnt from this blog is that there is two types of ‘labelling;-the ‘good’ labelling, and the ‘bad’ labelling, so thank you for teaching that valuable lesson. Critical is actually not a bad label. And i would say i am ‘critical’ in viewpoints of my Grandads Alzhiemers. I am critical because i have a different view about diet to my Grandma-i think he should eat as much unhealthy food, whereas she doesn’t-she’s a health freak. I am also critical becuase i let him drink as much wine as he wants, she doesn’t. I am also critical because i have a different viewpoint to my Grandma and other family members about home help-how many hours etc. I am also critical because i believe he can have as much fun as he wants when we do fun activities-she sadly doesn’t. Being labelled ‘critical’ is a positive thing in my eyes, as having a different viewpoint in my opinion is healthy, and having healthy debates makes life interesting and creates a lot of laughs along the journey during an uncertain patch. So, Kate, thank you for this blog post, i have thoroughly enjoyed this blog post and this is my favourite blog post of the year, although i love all your blogs and enjoy reading all of your blogs nonetheless. Those phrases are interesting-gosh!!! Your friend sounds very interesting, yet very knowledgeable also.

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