Two strong women, both wanting to scream

The life of an advocate can definitely be rewarding, but it can also be very challenging. Along my own roller coaster ride of living with dementia and public advocacy, I have met a lot of wonderful people, as well as felt a lot of frustration. I am though, very happy not to be walking alone any more, including when I want to scream! See this ‘encouraging’ email I received a while ago:
“When I read shit like this, I want to scream:
In lieu of screaming, I’m sending it to you LOL
Seriously, the IPA need a complete overhaul. Not a grease and oil, but new wheels completely.”

It is great to have a buddy who occasionally also wants to scream!

Note: IPA stands for International Psychiatry Association, and we had been discussing the urgency to ban the term Behavioural and Psychological Symptoms of Dementia (BPSD).

19 thoughts on “Two strong women, both wanting to scream

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  4. Scream away. Sometimes it helps.

    I read the IPA article closely and decided that it definitely muddies the waters. Parts seems OK, parts set off my “alarm,” and parts caused me to think, HELL NO! Sometimes by so tightly defining something, it causes the practitioners to look for the label rather than at the person or for the cause of the behavior. Also, why parse it out for Cognitive Impairments when they also say it occurs under so many other conditions.


  5. I can’t read the whole article (unable to concentrate so long), but I believe, and my training backs it up that challenging behaviour is solely due to an unmet need or desire and the person is trying to communicate in the only way possible for them.

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  6. I believe I am about to fit into one of these categories when I say what I really think.
    2. demonstrate Verbal aggression (e.g. yelling, speaking in an excessively loud voice, using profanity, screaming, shouting).
    What planet are these people on or maybe a better question what planet can we send them too???

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  7. OMG. And this claptrap was arrived at by a bunch of individuals’ thoughts backed up by the agreement of a final 350 professionals of a group of 6,000 who had been contacted. Disgusted! And this is what passes for evidence based professional approach these days!

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