Kindness in action

I posted this image and quote on Facebook yesterday, and received this inspiring response:

“Do you know? You have just inspired me to put a $1 a day away for our local farm animal sanctuary (Greener Pastures in Waroona WA) I think $365 on the 5th of january 2020 would buy lots of weetbix for the animals :)”

So, I’m started wondering what extra act of kindness I will do each day, and challenge you to do the same.

Kindness is something to aspire to for every moment we are alive, but adding in a small daily good deed by saving one $-£-€-¥ each day for a charity or cause you believe in makes it even more tangible.

8 thoughts on “Kindness in action

  1. My kindness is simple. I have many visitors to my backyard possums, satin bower birds, chooks (that live here anyway) and red wattle birds magpies, you name it. All I do is leave water our for them and grow more than we need in the vegetable garden. We have always had enough food for ourselves and our friends too. Each year we are graced with generation after generation of animals that live here too. I don’t need to spray my garden with anything because the critters keep everything under control. No it is not idyllic I have human neighbours who have been on to me to cut down some of my large trees but we still want for nothing.


  2. Challenge accepted Kate, every moment of each day gives us choice to be kind to others. Be kind whenever possible, it’s always possible’ Dalai Lama


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