Locked up for 3 years?!

In an article from the UK, “Vulnerable dementia patients could be locked up for three years without review under ‘rushed’ government reforms”, it seems we are in for an even bigger battle for a rights based approach than we thought!

It’s very concerning human rights don’t apply to us all. This is an excerpt from the article:

“People with mental health conditions, learning disabilities and dementia could be locked away for as long as three years without a review under “rushed” reforms put forward by the government.

Charities have expressed dismay at changes to deprivation of liberty safeguards, used to ensure people without capacity to consent to their care are not detained inappropriately.”

Read the full article here… https://www.independent.co.uk/news/health/dementia-liberty-dementia-mental-health-learning-disability-autism-mind-reforms-government-a8740371.html

19 thoughts on “Locked up for 3 years?!

    • 🤬🤬🤬 it seems to be the norm in the rich developed countries, perhaps why the 2015 OECD report, “Addressing Dementia”, concluded “dementia receives the worst care of any condition in the developed world”. Shame on us.


  1. People with Disabilities in Australia have been denied their Right to Equality before the Law & the Protection of the Law by Financially Interested State & Territory Governments for the last three (If not more) decades.

    For a Person with a Disability to lose their Rights all it takes is another person, be they a family member, a Social Worker, a neighbor, friend, Facility staff etc, to apply for a Guardianship Or Financial Managemeny Order.

    As it is not the role of Guardianship Tribunals to determine the TRUTH &. It is not the function of the Tribunals to make findings of whether or not Abuse occurred, the Tribunals accept untested allegations, ignore fals & misleading allegations, discriminate between parties to proceedings & take advice from the vulnerable person concerned., without testing their claims, Misuse of Guardianship is by con-artists, facilities & service providers is rife.

    Because of Govs self interests via State & Territory Trustee Corporations that rely on ‘seized individuals & their asset base’ to fund their operations and salaries, reports of Guardianship Abuse & Misuse have been ignored & covered- up for three decades.


  2. I used to discuss “deprivation of liberty” in my previous job at a day centre on England, and it horrifies me to think that such discussions will no longer have outsiders reviewing them within care homes where they are most needed. We were Used to be involved sometimes in care home decisions and we were much needed!


  3. OMG that is awful Kate-i was worried that my Grandad might of ended up in an institution after he drove off-very scary and still very hard as he is going downhill so fast. He can only utter words and phrases now, walk 50 meters max, and eat-all sooooooo sad and so hard on me and my family.


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