Join me for a DAI Webinar


With a new diagnosis of dementia every 3 seconds, it is not surprising that DAI has continued to grow since its launch five years ago. John Sandblom and I are both presenting, and are two of the eight co-founders. We are co hosts of peer-to-peer support groups and are very active board members.

John and I are both often asked why and how DAI was set up, so in this Webinar, we will cover the history of DAI, provide an overview of what DAI has achieved in only five years, and discuss where DAI sees for its future.

The most important part of DAI’s work is the weekly peer-to-peer support groups for members, and the global advocacy for claiming our human rights and disability rights. This webinar will also be an opportunity for members, families, as well as our sponsors, supporters, academics and professionals working in the field to tell us what they would like to see in terms of DAI’s future direction. DAI really does want YOUR input.

By working together collaboratively, we are all stronger, and can achieve even more than what the original founding members first dreamed of.

We welcome everyone to register and join us for this Webinar. Without you all, DAI would not be where it is today.

11 thoughts on “Join me for a DAI Webinar

  1. Phew-i am glad it is worldwide not in New Zealand or Australia, but 250 per day in Australia is soooooo sad-there is probably about 42-43 diagnosis in New Zealand a day, as New Zealand is 6 times smaller than Australia, but hope not that many i really do. All sooooo sad.


  2. Great work Kate I look forward to attending and hear about future endeavours “the greatest way to understand the heart and mind of a person is not to look at what they have achieved but what they aspire to do” can’t remember who said this but it reminds me of you Kate, x ness


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