Food feeds my soul

Image source: Kate Swaffer 2019

For me, exceptional food is almost as good for my soul as being with my best friends. I recently had the chance to spend time with two people whom I love dearly, and are truly special and loyal adopted family; I was also able to share a meal with one of them.

It’s not often one meets someone by chance, who becomes a lifelong friend. I feel truly blessed to have more than my share of amazing friends, as well as regular opportunities to spend time with them, either in person, or online.

Friends and food are such an important part of life and well being.

It’s definitely something most of the aged care sector are yet to take on board!

Visiting people who live home alone or in residential care is also something that the families and friends of so many people with and without dementia are yet to take on board.

Loneliness and lousy food almost destroy a persons happiness and wellbeing.

As an ex chef and past foodie, eating is almost as important as my family and friends!

Putting the two together is bliss!

Author: Kate Swaffer 2019

24 thoughts on “Food feeds my soul

  1. Alas, many people with other types of neurological disease have taste and smell problems (I have, from damage to the hypothalamus). So almost everything tastes terrible to me, and over the years it’s gotten worse and worse. And 99.99% of smells are terrible to me. BUT, damage to the same part of the brain can also give you insatiable hunger and thirst …. so I am always hungry/starving and thirsty …. 24/7.

    So, Kate ….. you said

    “Loneliness and lousy food almost destroy a persons happiness and wellbeing” & “As an ex chef and past foodie, eating is almost as important as my family and friends!”

    …. As someone who experiences both loneliness and taste problems, I can say that yes, they can be really bad, but after a while you get used to your new “life” and adjust yourself around it. There’s more to life …. onward and upward etc. I’m sure you know very well how people can and do cope with their many neurological problems and I’m sure that if it affected you, that after a period of mourning you would create your own coping mechanism and “move on”. You’d try damn hard to stop it destroying your happiness and wellbeing! {big hug}


  2. I agree with everything you say, Kate, in this blog. I too love food and love cooking too-cooking is fun! Friends are fun too! I always love food and love spending time with friends-doing both together is the perfect combo! When i visit my Grandad in respite care, i always bring him lollies and chips-he loves that!


  3. “Loneliness and lousy food almost destroy a persons happiness and wellbeing.”

    And sometimes go beyond “almost” and actually DO destroy a person’s happiness and wellbeing.


      • I totally agree. Delicious, healthy food does not cost a lot and is not difficult to prepare. Australia is at the forefront of cuisine advancement and we are lucky to have a healthy land and waters for growing and harvesting excellent produce. The Internet is full of yummy toss and bake on a tray or oven set and forget complete delicious meals. A pression should not easy worst than they ate at home in any professional establishment. That’s just laziness.


  4. My mum, who has Alzheimer’s and Vascular dementia, will only eat fish now plus vegetables. I cook and only eat what she eats. Fully expect to see a fin growing out of my back soon or scales appearing on my skin. Wither she goest, I will go..!


  5. The partnership between food and soul has such a long standing connection to showing love to another person during challenging times. If a friend gets sick, we bring them food to help with the recovery and lesson the burden of having to cook for ourselves. It can equally be as important when celebrating and should definitely be an experience used to nurture a person’s soul who state in life is impacted with other changes out of their control. Feeding the soul is one of those simply service points the care industry can do so much better with. Thank you for reminding others just how important this topic is @Kate Swaffer!


  6. I so agree Kate….A really healthy and delicious meal can boost your soul great heights and if eaten with friends, wow! Now your soul is soaring. That meal in the picture looked so yummy! Hoping you are well and happy and your soul as well…Thinking of you my friend…VK ❤


  7. Ditto old boiler the simple food even can taste good when shared with great company. But the best dishes are made exceptional when eaten with those we genuinely love and care for. 😘Ness


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