Rosa Parkes: 1 December 1955

On this day in 1955, the late Mrs Rosa Parks sits on a white persons seat on a bus.

Frankly, there are many days I have felt like Rosa Parks.

In all honesty, I regularly feel ashamed to be a white person, as the extent of ‘othering’, and prejudice and racism continues in society today. My personal experiences of othering have mostly been since being diagnosed with dementia, but even before that, I experienced it for daring to speak up against what I have believed to be injustices in society.

In the case of dementia, I regularly speak up about dementia and aged care practices. Well, let’s make that, the lack of care… and the lack of Universal Health Coverage and adequate pre and post diagnostic support and care.

Too often, I feel like Mrs. Parkes, and have learnt that many other dementia advocates feel the same. I often question why, if we question or challenge a researcher or health care professional about a topic or practice, they are more likely to get angry with us, even lash our verbally and attack us, yet, if their colleagues did the same, they seem more willing to sit down and have a healthy debate. Obviously not all, but more than you might imagine… Some days, one could even take to screaming!

Dr Al Power presented “BeyondBPSD” for a DAI Webinar last week, and in a discussion with him prior to the event, we were talking about how hard it is to get people to see things from a different perspective. He said, he has the advantage of being a medical doctor, often why people will listen to him, but won’t listen to people like me.

Anyway, back to Rosa Parkes… I was moved to tears, and wrote about her, and other activists earlier this year, after seeing an exhibition in New York at the Forbes Building.

So, on this day, as we remember people like activists including the late Mrs. Rosa Parkes, Dr Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, and Aboriginal Australians such as Charles Perkins and Eddie Marbo, let us all celebrate the courage of activists, and stand together, strong, proud and united.

11 thoughts on “Rosa Parkes: 1 December 1955

  1. Re: “I often question why, if we question or challenge a researcher or health care professional about a topic or practice, they are more likely to get angry with us, even lash our verbally and attack us…”

    Or stop us from seeing and advocating for the people we love! On the plus side, people are becoming more aware of the issue through ongoing coverage like this in Canada and elsewhere:



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  3. Hello Kate…on a number of free online Dementia and Caring courses recently I have been highly critical of health service care. I was apprehensive because I remembered the old agage…’ it’s better to turn on a light than curse the darkness ‘. Unfortunately, sometimes the darkness is so overwhelming it’s hard to find the switch. Only last week I read this written by the late Maltese journalist Daphne Caruana Galicia a few months before she was assassinated in 2017 by a bomb detonated inside her car : ‘ There is something I should say before I go: when people taunt you or criticise you for being ‘ negative ‘ or for failing to go with their flow, for not adopting an attitude of benign tolerance, bear in mind always that they, and not you, are the ones who are in the wrong ‘

    Warm regards


    • Sorry about the typos Kate. For ‘ agage ‘ read adage and for my name ‘Ailey ‘ read Bailey. I was too tired to check the post before I hit send. For the past two years I have only been getting 3 to 4 hours solid sleep at night. My mum has Vascular dementia, advanced Alzheimer’s and Glaucoma and I care for her alone. I am not blowing my own trumpet or seeking a lame excuse. It is what it is. I reckon if anyone knows the score, dear lady, you do… I salute you.

      Warm regards


      • Never any need to apologise for typos Steve… my email footer says:

        I sometimes need to use voice recognition software for correspondence; hence there may be some grammatical errors or spelling mistakes… Finally, if you are expecting a response from me, and have not received it in the expected time frame, please send me a reminder.

        Thanks for your support; and you do sound like a saint! xx


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