Lessons of COVID-19

Image source: Kate Swaffer © 2010

What have you learnt during the Coronaviros pandemic of enforced isolation and physical and social distancing?

Although not always easy, I continue to be an optimist, I am still resilient, and I’m good at coping with enforced change. I’ve definitely learnt at least a few positive things in the last few weeks, and continue to be more than a little surprised so many people, especially those without dementia are not coping very well with the enforced isolation and distancing.

It makes having dementia seem easy, as I am already very used to isolation and physical and social distancing. And so I have also been wondering is it wrong to be positive at this difficult time? I don’t think so, but you may disagree, as after all, you are viewing it from your side of the fence.

20 reasons for #Gratitude

    1. Knowing that my husband and sons are my priority.
    2. That our kids are truly amazing human beings and I am even more proud of them than I realised.
    3. I am grateful for those family and friends who have stood by me (you all know who you are).
    4. I know many incredible people working in health and social care, and am in awe of their committment to our health, well being and safety.
    5. I’m grateful to have some time for gardening and cooking again, even if I am no longer that good at either of those favourite past times!
    6. We need to APPRECIATE simple things like being outdoors or going out for a coffee with a FRIEND.
    7. KINDNESS needs to become the new and much needed pandemic.
    8. COMMUNITY is invaluable; we should always look out for our neighbours.
    9. Money doesn’t really matter in the grand scheme of things when lives are at risk.
    10. Time is precious but not as precious as those you spend it with.
    11. Home cooking tastes so much BETTER than hotel of aeroplane food!
    12. I miss a few things, but mostly I am enjoying the quiet time.
    13. I am loving having time to write again, without any pressure.
    14. I lost my job a decade ago – so in reality little has changed, except that compared to people now, I have not had a regular income for over a decade, not just a few weeks (ps. the government did not came to my rescue with a weekly payout).
    15. Phone calls were always better than zoom or messenger – that has NOT CHANGED.
    16. I am a very early adopter of zoom, and so have not been stressed about using it!
    17. Since dementia, I have a whole new ‘global family’ who I love and cherish; we are already used to meeting up online!
    18. Life for me, apart from not travelling, is little different now, than before COVID, as I was used to the isolation, discrimintion, lack of services and support, and social and physical distancing – COVID has been a ‘leveller’ of sorts  for the rest of the world.
    19. I’m really glad I am an opimist by nature, and can always see the good in a bad situation.
    20. I still have a pulse, so it must be a good day!

This is my way.
What is your way?
There is no wrong way.

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