The Drum: 3 Things I Know (about dementia)

What’s it like to live with dementia?

The Drum, Introduction by Ellen Fanning, 5 May 2020,
Reporter Stephanie Bolte

When Kate Swaffer started to see words upside down a decade ago, she thought it was a result of brain surgery she’d had. It turned out she was one of more than 26,00 people in Australia under the age of 65 with what’s known as younger onset dementia. 

Told to get ready to die, Kate’s world seemed to disappear overnight, but she realised it didn’t have to, and she has gone on to co-found Dementia Alliance International and advocate across the globe for dementia in practice to be seen as a disability. She sat down with reporter Stephanie Boltje, before the Coronavirus shutdown, to explain three things she knows about dementia.

7 thoughts on “The Drum: 3 Things I Know (about dementia)

  1. Yes I saw you on the drum and I found you not only informative but inspiring of hope. Thank you for what you said,


  2. Hey Kate, great interview. Both you and Boris looked great. We still haven’t managed that catch up, will have to try again after all these restrictions are lifted. Cheers Elizabeth


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