Optimism: it’s worth the effort

Over the years I’ve written and spoken about optimism often, and whether it is something we are just born with, or like resilience, if it can also be a choice.

I still believe it’s a choice, and is worth the effort it sometimes takes.

In a blog Optimism and Dementia, published a couple of years ago, I shared a quote:

Optimism is important in people who are going to move history forward.

Are you the type of person who will move history forward? I’d like to be.

If you’re not convinced that working to be optimistic is worth it, think about who you like spending time with.

Do they uplift you, and are they uplifting?

Or are they negative and hard work to be with?

I know what type of person I’d rather be, and I’m glad the effort to be an optimist has been easier due to having been born one!

7 thoughts on “Optimism: it’s worth the effort

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  2. I am so glad you were born an optimist Kate and you are moving history forward for all those who are touched by and / or associated with dementia in some way. It’s great to be reminded that both resilience and optimism are a choice.

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  3. Like you Kate I am pleased to be an optimist that surrounds herself with dreamers and doers not those who suck the goodness out of me. 😘happy Mother’s Day 💕ness

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