Too old for a nursing home…

When my father in law was needing more support than we could get for him to keep him in his own home, we felt we had no choice but to suggest he move into a nursing home.

His first response was: “I’m much too young for a nursing home.

He was well over 70 years young.

In fact, I’ve not met one person yet, who wants to live in a nursing whether its to do with feeling too young for one, or, preferring to stay in their own home.

Some people may agree to do so, or may even make an active decision to move into a nursing home, but it is usually primarily to reduce the burden on family, or that they live alone and need more support.

Rarely have I heard it’s anyone’s preference.

This video explains in just over 2 minutes how I felt when first diagnosed with younger onset dementia. Thankfully it’s rare I feel like this now.

10 thoughts on “Too old for a nursing home…

    • I’m glad it was helpful dead Mithrani… I am abut to make at least one more, to highlight it is not that bad, as long as we ignore the truly shocking advice to go home and wait to die!


      • We need postive input from health care and others who deal with Dementia, why is it so difficult to give us the support and help to live well. I am so Thankful for DA AND DAI AND THE DA LIBRARY. I have guidence understanding and care.Thanks Kate 💜❤🌏🌎🌍


  1. Hi Kate

    Great little video and heard you on Peter Goers the other night

    Really glad you are staying positive

    Happy memories of doing some work in your garden for you many years ago

    Kind regards

    Andrew Quixley


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