“For this I am Grateful”, by Christine Thelker

This wonderful memoir, written by my friend and DAI colleague, reinforces why it’s not ok to tell people with dementia to only go home to die, or that life ends with a diagnosis of dementia.

As an activist (advocate?) for more 12 years, this book also reminds me how tragic it is that most advocacy has made no tangible difference. Yes, you read that correctly: none.

The diagnosis itself was not the worst of it, finding no help or resources was. I had to try to figure out ‘what’s next’ on my own.

“I got my affairs in order and came to terms with the fact that my career and the life I had known both were gone. I gave up my home, my car, my ability to drive, my hopes, and my dreams.

“Yet a stubborn streak remained in me. I decided, ‘I’m not done yet,’ and made it my new motto.

“Then I set out to find help, to find my new self. My search led me to Dementia Alliance International. At DAI, I found hope and purpose; this was life-changing and lifesaving.

“I stepped onto a path of a whole new understanding of dementia, advocating, speaking engagements, and learning that life can be beautiful, even with dementia.”

Congratulations Christine, on this outstanding achievement. I am proud to walk beside you. 👏

The full article about Christine’s book can be accessed here.

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