Focusing on Brain Health

Many who have followed me here for a while will know I have adapted my lifestyle and focused on brain health as tools to help live more positively with dementia. Due to some personal stress and grief, I’ve been rather unfocussed!

Hence, I really need to focus on brain health again!

There is actually a lot of emerging evidence that doing this can slow, or even reverse dementia, and Professor Dale Bredesen’s work is something I believe in.

To all of the doubters who say Bredesen is a quack, or that there is nothing you can do for dementia, please remember it was once thought the earth was flat…

To be honest, even if focusing on overall health including brain health doesn’t do anything to reverse or to slow the symptoms of dementia, it does help reduce the risk of diabetes, heart diease and many other co morbidities, including mental health. It won’t do us any harm, and is good for us!

Many people have asked me to explain the Bredesen Protocol, and whilst it is very complex, and does need to be individualised, this video I found for a Brain health meeting hosted by Dementia Alliance International today, helps explain in an easy to understand way, why you may need to change your diet, and the basics of what to change it to. I first sourced the video, on Whitney E. Rd’s website.

“An “Alzheimer’s Diet?” Dietitian Amylee Amos Discusses The Bredesen Protocol

From YouTube: On this week’s episode of The Sitch, Whitney English is chatting with Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Amylee Amos of the Amos Institute about implementing The Bredesen Protocol – a type of “Alzheimer’s diet” aimed at slowing and reversing cognitive decline.

Amylee shares her advice for optimizing brain health through diet, exercise, and other lifestyle interventions such as brain training. She also discusses her thoughts on supplementation for Alzheimer’s patients including fish oil and CoQ10.

Amylee also explains the genetic risk factors for Alzheimer’s disease such as APOE 4 status and how a mildly ketogenic, plant-based diet may stave off cognitive decline.

Skip ahead for the following topics:

9:54 fasting/time-restricted eating

10:50 – APOE 4

14:35 – how to test ketones

16:52 – general recommendations for brain health

18:53 – fish oil supplements

23:12 CoQ 10 For more on

The Bredesen Protocol, get Dr. Dale Bredesen’s book, “The End of Alzheimer’s: The First Program to Prevent and Reverse Cognitive Decline”:

Note: Although I shut down my Living Beyond Dementia website soem time ago, I decided to post a few blogs on the benefits of being healthy, and even the potential of reversing dementia here.

6 thoughts on “Focusing on Brain Health

  1. I know many who have found benefit from this diet, but question any protocol for dementia which includes fasting periods. When dealing with a condition which creates problems for people in remembering/recognizing the need to eat, I consider this a very risky option. Having said that, I’m glad for anyone who finds something that is of benefit to them 😎x


  2. Hi Kate, I’m pleased to see you active in the Brain Health area of dementia – that is my passion for myself. As you may remember I write opinion columns for a local newspaper here in Southwestern Ontario, Canada. The titles are “My Voyage with Dementia” and my next column will be my 75th published on July 30/20. I have attached my last 6 columns – you may be interested in my brain health orientation for myself or not My blog has a few issues in arrears but most of my 75 columns can be found there. (see bottom of each column for location) I do read all your stuff and admire your work. Hope you find my stuff interesting. Cheers, Bob Murray – remember – I am the one with the cochlear implant


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