Open Minded: Embracing new perspectives in Alzheimer’s disease

Below is an past interview on CBN with Professor Dale Bredesen, who is an international expert in neurodegenerative diseases. I first  published it in 2019 on my Living Beyond Dementia™ website, which is no longer active, so I have decided to transfer most of the blogs over to this site.

The friend (SHA) who alerted me to this when I first published it said: “Sorry for the group email, but you know me, always keen to share positive news when I hear it. I’m well aware there are many sceptics out there, but in reality, lifestyle changes and at least feeling healthier more generally are hugely beneficial outcomes for everyone, even if it doesn’t slow or reverse someone’s dementia.”

To all the sceptics, we all once thought the earth was flat too…

(Swaffer, 2014)

The interview covers discussion about the Bredesen Protocol which is successfully reversing cognitive decline in persons with MCI, and with Alzheimers and Dementia diagnosis’s. A Multi Author paper shares the successes of the protocol involving 100 patients living with a Dementia diagnosis – well worth a read.

Bredesons two books are worth a read…

The End of Alzheimer’s: The First Program to Prevent and Reverse Cognitive Decline (2017)

The End of Alzheimer’s Program: The First Protocol to Enhance Cognition and Reverse Decline at Any Age (2020)

Open Minded: Embracing new perspectives in Alzheimer’s Disease

There is definitely something interesting going on here, and when I read Bredesens first paper on this, I felt ‘self-prescribed’ my approach to living with dementia was vindicated. Personaly, I think Bredesen is offering eveyone a chance of real hope, and a truly significant opportunity for the improvement of symptoms (even if not a cure!). On top of that his protocol improves quality of life due to a healther lifestyle and dietary intake.

There is an added bonus for people with MCI or anyone who is worried about getting dementia, that this protocol may be significant in terms of reducing the risk of getting dementia. Obviously, stopping smoking, reducing other drugs and alcohol intake, reducing isolation is important. So is losing weight, reducing our blood pressure and risk of diabetes and heart disease. Let’s just think about that with logic, as well as being

Open Minded

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