Horrified, but not surprised

Following my blog yesterday, Looking back, to move forward, I felt it important to highlight one comment made, as a separate blog. I had replied by saying I was saddened by such a comment, but not surprised.

“A prominent ER doctor addressed an online group I was in developing guidelines for people with dementia admitted to hospital during the COVID19 pandemic several months ago.

I asked him about people with dementia in a COVID19 crisis, and he readily stated that if someone came to his ER with a dementia diagnosis he would not treat and allow them to die.

His words were bad enough, but his tone and body language was such as we are irrelevant and lower class and of no further use.”

Yes. This was a medical doctor.

In the year 2020.

And I’m much more saddened and horrified than I can adequately express. Totally disgusted; such callousness towards people with dementia is despicable. I feel very sorry for anyone who might be UNLUCKY enough to be his patient. Now and into the future. If I knew this doctors name, I’d post it here.

Attitudes like this are why I so often say the worst examples of poor care (… or from this doctor, no care), stigma and discrimination, come from within the very sectors who are paid highly to care for us.

Not even a God (or your equivalent) can help people with dementia, whilst ever we have people like this doctor in charge of our care.


18 thoughts on “Horrified, but not surprised

  1. What a shameless entitled arrogant stuck up oxygen thief. I hope he gets deregistered and pronto. Lucky I was not in the same room as him or I would have made him thinlk he was going to be tossed out the window! and it would have been worth jail to do that. I am furious with him and also furious that you had to even listen to his c–p! Not even gthe cosmic voivisector himself the one that presides over whether we live or die would be that cruel!! That doctor is never to be trusted. I bet he is like the doctors who when somebody presents with cancer asks if they are insured privately. I am truly sorry you heard that vile comment fromd that entiteld mongrel!!!


    • I hear you Colin… it really is more than shocking when health care professionals have an attitude like, or treat any patients like this. Or in this case, ‘withhold treatment’!!! Sadly, it is too common 😦


  2. If nothing else he reflected his lack of education on dementia; whatever his credentials in the ER. He implied that when you have a dementia diagnosis, you are of no further use. He said this in front of about 6 people with dementia who were part of this group developing guidelines for medicos, go figure the arrogance.


  3. This is so wrong on so many levels. He is a Sham of a Doctor. Probably gets high from the Drama: Code 99’s, Multi Trauma, Saturday night (now every night) Knife and Gun Club. His Employer should know He Doesn’t check for Advanced Directives, He Doesn’t Consider Even Comfort Measures, Oxygen, Antibiotics, Pain Meds.
    Him referring to “My ER” is the first hint. “Let them Die” just plain Unethical, Cruel, Uncaring and if sued, not a legal stand. Stupid Doctor, People don’t die easy. Especially with pneumonia. Fitful, Fever, coughing, aching, short of breath leads to panic and fright especially with a person with dementia.


  4. Dear Kate , Horrified but Not Surprised!!I am in a state of shock and Depression..That this is Happening in 2020 ,Is their anyway finding out who it was(The ER(Doctor) should it not be reported .Totally breaking the Oath.


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