Essentials of Delirium, by Shibley Rahman

Early today I joined a Twitter chat for the release of a book by my good friend Dr. Shibley Rahman @ShibleyRahman titled Essentials of Delirium.

It was hosted by another friend in the UK, @DiverseAlz and if you are on twitter, you jcan follow the feed via the hashtags #DeliriumEs and #DiverseAlz

To kick off this blog, here are a few tweets from this morning, for which I got out of bed at #StupidOclock to support Shibley.

To be honest, I have tried to ’embed’ these and a few other tweets, but all I seem to get is ‘scrabble’ when I view it, so I’ve resorted to screenshots of a few tweets!

I’ve not yet had the honour to read Shibley’s book yet, but know from reading his many other books, it will be a #MustRead for all health care professionals. This is what is says about the book on Amazon:

Detailed knowledge and specific awareness of delirium is crucial in elderly care, due in part to the overlap with delirium and dementia. This introductory reference guide can be used by professionals and students to expand their understanding and skills in delirium care to better respond to the needs of people under their care. There are also detailed chapters on quality improvement and educational initiatives which will be of great help to the delirium workforce in delivering improved care.

Setting out clear and accessible learning objectives, Rahman provides the essential information needed to improve care for those with delirium. Showing how to identify and correctly diagnose delirium, this book addresses different aspects of care including the management of delirium and the various interventions available, as well as ethics and safeguarding. It will also empower patients and carers to better understand delirium, and engage in the discourse of their care.

As a widespread yet underrepresented issue, this book is a vital and much-needed resource.


Please be informed.

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