Resistance to Change

Image source: Antertoons

Scott McArthur is a strong advocate of narrowing the “knowing doing gap” between research and industry, and is committed to inspiring change through development programmes and game theoretic applications to learning and decision making.

Of course, I’m especially interested in learning why, including why even providing evidence for the need for change, is systematically rejected by so many, including researchers and other professionals.

I really love his comment that is is time for open research, which was once something the World Dementia Council once advocated for… not only do we need to be able to access good research results, I firmly believe it is just as valid to see what research has failed, as well as good research that has never made it into practice.

“…I know what you are talking about… logic is the beginning of wisdom, not the end.”

Why Don’t Facts Change People? | by Scott D. McArthur | TEDxWarwick

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