Welcome to Brain Health Awareness Month

June is Brain Health Awareness Month, and this year, I am thrilled to highlight a very special friend, who is also and member of Dementia Alliance International, Paula Wolfert, as her passion for food and brain health is inspiring. Paula is also an award winning cook and author, and in 2018 won the James Beard Lifetime Achievement award.

Paula is a resident of Sonoma, and she is the author of eight previously published cookbooks, all considered classics. Among them: Couscous and Other Good Food From Morocco, The Cooking of Southwest France, and five books on Mediterranean cuisine including the much praised Cooking of the Eastern Mediterranean. She has won the Julia Child Award three times,  The James Beard Award five times, The M. F. K. Fisher AwardThe Tastemaker Award and been a finalist for the British Andre Simon Award. She is the creator of the open Facebook Moroccan Cooking Group.

Each month, in the twice monthly DAI Brain Health meetings, we get together with other people living with demntia, families or care partners of people living with dementia and members of the public, to discuss strategies for enhancng our own brain health. We share tips, motivate each other, and strategies to live as posisily with dementia as possible, but more specifically, to improve our quality of life, and perhaps even slow the progression of our dementia. We also have occasional guest speakers, and you are welcome to join the DAI Brain Health Meeting mailing list to participate by contacting DAI at info@infodai.org

Belief is as powerful as drugs, and as there are no disease modifying drugs such as the ones available for heart disease or diabetes, nor a cure for any type of dementia on the horizon yet, it is the closest thing to hope that many of us have. I also believe brain health is essential to a higher quality of life, and although often find it hard to stay motivated, I am as focussed on it as I can possibly be, most of the time!

If you haven’t bought your copy of Pauls’a latest autobiographical cookbook, Unforgettable, I highly recommend you get one!

Unforgettable tells the story of culinary legend and author of nine award-winning cookbooks, Paula Wolfert, who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in 2013, and shares more than fifty of her most iconic dishes as it explores the relationship between food and memory.also addresses Wolfert’s acknowledgement of the challenges of living with Alzheimer’s, a disease that often means she cannot remember the things she did yesterday, but can still recall in detail what she has cooked over the years. Not accepting defeat easily, Wolfert created a new brain-centric diet, emphasizing healthy meats and fresh vegetables, and her recipes are included here. 

4 thoughts on “Welcome to Brain Health Awareness Month

  1. I am very interested in strategies those who have a dementia use to help them manage their dementia and possible slow it down while increasing quality of life – fabulous.
    As a community development project worker in the dementia field I would be interested to know some of these strategies so I can share with people in my locality who are currently living with dementia.
    So what type of diet do people think helps brain health – the Mediterranean diets? What strategies for improving brain health and mental well-being?


  2. What a wonderful woman Paula is. Thank you for sharing this information with us Kate. I too am a ‘foodie’. I will look out for her most recent book.


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