Fasting and Brain Health

I’m continuing my series of daily Brain Health Awareness Month blogs, partly in an attempt to motivate myself to be more disciplined with the approach to living with dementia!

As a long time practitioner of Transcendental Meditation (now more than 40 years), I’ve experienced the benefits of regular fasting since I was 21.

In the search for information about brain health, regular fasting also seems very important. I used to fast every Sunday, and then one a month for three days, and definitely benefited greatly from it.

I’m not sure if as I’m much older now I could manage 3 days, but am trying to get back to weekly. On a Bredesen-style (self managed) protocol, I usually fast 16 hours between the last meal and the next day’s.

This is an interesting article on a study about the benefits on our immune system of fasting for 72 hours.

Reminder: my blogs here are for information only, and cannot be considered medical advice.

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