Does university = success?

Yearning for university Almost from my first day at school Nursing came long instead Long before that became a degree Like an escape And still no university for me And in spite of this  Many other things were achieved and accomplished Life now with dementia, and Incredibly, university has become part of my life At least for…

The sweetness of life

Life Is for living For dreaming And for learning Life Is for crying For healing And for moving on Life Is for remembering Sweet times And for family and friends Life With fading memories Is a roller coaster of loss and grief Life With dementia Can still be fun

At sea on a raft with no rudder

Alone In our grief Yearning for what was What now will never again be Life Changed forever Memories are all that’s left And a new way of living Love Not lost and never forgotten Leading our hearts To sway in the breeze Learning To live without them As we float offshore On the raft with…

Life in the fast lane

Breathe deeply Take a moment to relax Stop and smell the roses or lavender Take a bath or a swim Look in the mirror and say to yourself I am ok Have lunch with those you love Laugh, live and love More often In between the fast lane Called life in the 21st Century!