lonelinessA sense of loneliness

So deep

It takes my breath away

Reminding me of those departed

Lingering inside my heart

Lost to the stigma of dementia

Tales of despair

Whisperings of days gone by

Deteriorating abilities

Sadness sitting just inside my soul

Yearning for my loss of self

Footnote: Through this blog, and other social media, I have made so many new friends, the depth of my sadness and the loss of old friendships, and the pure loneliness of dementia, has been seriously thwarted… And I am one of the lucky ones diagnosed with dementia, as many of my friends are still by my and our side. Thank you.

13 thoughts on “Loneliness

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    • Thanks dear Pippa… I not really sure I know where the poems come from, but come they do, and so I share. Whilst I don’t feel lonely all of the time, there are many days I do feel desperately lonely, which of course, is from where this poem came from… xx


  2. I think blogging has probably been one of the best things you could have done Kate. You get to release your creativity when if not released creates illness in and of itself. You are keeping your mind activated and learning new and useful things and you now have all the new folks you have met on board with you. I hope when you speak at you Dementia meetings you mention this outlet for others with Dementia to explore. You seem very resilient Kate and you are a blessing to all those coming behind you 🙂 Much love..VK xxoo


    • I totally agree with you VK… it has been my therapy, and my readers have been my therapist – even the negative comments have helped me see things differently… thanks for being paryt of this wponderful world, and my life dear friend… xox

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