Food and love…

Fridays mornings always glow in this house after the love and banter shared between us following what has become almost a ritual, our Thursday night family meal. The adult kids don’t stay late, but the few hours we have together is always perfect. In two weeks time, I was informed last night, we need to change it to Wednesdays for 15 weeks as our younger son is doing a course on Thursday nights! Too easy for the parents really, as we don’t often go out during the week anyway, due to being old and having no life!! Not our words, but those often made in fun by our young ones. We do have a life, just not like it was in our early twenties. Too tired mostly, but also, we love staying home together, just the two of us. The idea of a weekly shared family meal is gathering legs, and one of my nieces is coming to one soon. This week she rang me, and said she had something to ask me but didn’t want me to get upset. As always, I said, fire away! She asked me would I mind spending a day with her soon sharing my recipes, as it would be awful if my dementia took them all away before I have passed them on. To be able to share my love of cooking, and my knowledge of the preparation of a meal, and then enjoying it together is a wonderful gift. Once again, I feel blessed that one of my passions is to cook (and eat!). It doesn’t matter that it has become more difficult to remember how to do it as there is almost always someone around who wants to help. More importantly this wonderful passion of mine fills us up with nourishment in the form of love, not just nutrition. We learn from each other as the conversations woven through the chopping boards and fresh herbs are about our lives, about how we feel about things, and quietly remind us what we mean to each other. They are words flavoured not with salt and pepper, but with love and tenderness, mixed together with a few kilos of laughter.

4 thoughts on “Food and love…

  1. Food is love, no doubt about it. Whenever family is to gather, the first thought is “What shall I give them to eat?”. And when a small child refuses food, it is frustrating for the parent not simply because the child needs nourishment and food is going to waste, but behind the scenes, they feel, even if on a subconscious level, that it is love that is being refused at the same time as the food. I know that when I was a young mother, this is how I felt when I analyzed it a bit.


  2. This is so YOU
    Loved reading your description
    You have always put your heart and soul into cooking , along with the salt and pepper. Mum and Vals adding cake remains the stuff of legends xxxx


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