UK travels

I’ve arrived in London today, travelling from Adelaide via Kuala Lumpar with the stepson of my recently deceased friend Michael. We are here until next Friday, simply to spend a little time with his family. It will be a sad trip, but full of deep meaning and love and am looking forward to it. Suffice to say I may not be posting a blog each day.

On another note, I’m having lunch soon with some friends I have only met online. My son was quite distressed, suggesting it was dangerous, they might be axe murderers or paedophiles, and it was something I would have ranted against him ever doing. I guess as I’m over 55, at least the last danger is not possible, and I do have Andrew with me, so feel safe. One of the girls husbands suggested we might all be imaginary friends… Roll on 2pm so I know they are real people!

8 thoughts on “UK travels

  1. Enjoy your journey my friend and remember to take time for yourself to stay grounded. Hope these new people are a whirl of fun….Blessings…VK


  2. hello dear one, yes sad trip but how wonderful to have a friend like you to do this deed for michael to be with his family. im sure and by now you would have been to lunch you will be safe with andrew when you meet the new people??? hugs to you ….. to the moon
    love jac xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  3. Wonderful to meet you today Kate! For the peace of mind of your sons, I am one the very real friends that your Mum met in London today. Rest assured, she is safe and well and, I believe, enjoyed the meet-up / tweet-up as much as we did! we have the photos to prove it!

    Kate, you were just as I imagined you to be. It felt far more like meeting up with an old friend rather than just an on-line contact. You are truly inspirational and everyone needs to listen to your story – as well as just loving you as a person and enjoying your engaging personality and great humour. (Still laughing at THAT joke!)

    I wish you well and will follow your blog even more closely now. I do hope we meet again soon – and your sons and dear bub will be able to send you off with equanimity! 🙂 Gill xx


    • It was equally wonderful to meet you, and yes, it felt like old friends catching up. It made me think of Julia Childs meeting her longtime penal… My BUB and sons will be pleased to see the pics and hear all about our time together. They’ll probably be horrified about my joke telling though!!! I found you, Beth, and Shipley to be very inspiring also, and was thrilled you were all able to make it to the Tas… I felt very honoured you made a 2 hour train trip just to meet up. Until we meet again… Here, twitter, or maybe even London on January 18th next year for another tweet up?!


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