UK day 2

imageIt is day 2 of my trip to the UK, and I’ve got about 30 minutes to get a blog written to keep up with my  self-imposed discipline of publishing daily. Whilst it might only be a commitment to myself, it is still important, some might even say, more so. I therefore thought the best way to do this at this late stage is to write it like a journal of the trip.  Lunch yesterday with my online friends, a young friend from Australia, and my travelling buddy Andrew was wonderful, and I believe everyone enjoyed it. Meeting my online friends was just like meeting pen pals I could have had for years, and it did feel like we were just old friends catching up, such a treat. Then to see Kayla, who is a young woman I knew from Alzheimer’s Australia head office in Canberra was fab too, and hopefully I have connected her with some new friends. Even my buddy Andrew enjoyed meeting all of these strangers!!  The only photo I have so far is of myself and BethyB, checking out the shot I took of the gorgeous waiter! Today I have exhausted myself being a tourist, but gave up early just in time to write this blog. As it’s so close to midnight in Australia, I might just write one for tomorrow…

10 thoughts on “UK day 2

  1. Kate – good job at “seizing the day!” I’m sure it is wonderful to be making memories with all of your buds. Pics always help too. 🙂


  2. Miss you probably as much as you missed me while I was in Queensland. Got your note thanks heaps stay safe love you heaps and hope the rest of the trip isn’t too much. Really like your shirt suits you really well,I’m no expert but looks like a Liberty design. Love you BUB xxxxxxxx


  3. Love your journal, Kate – and still smiling at this picture. It is very happy and really captures the spirit of our friendly, at ease, no axe-murderers in sight, meet-up! Putting a few bits in the post to you now. Here’s to the next time, which by the sound of it, might be sooner than we think 🙂 Come and stay next time. Your sons and BUB will be cool about it now 🙂


    • Thank you for your lovely offer to stay. It was an easy relaxed time together, truly as if we’d all been friends for years… a sure sign it will definitely last for years to come 🙂


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