Tuesday humour: Natural tooth whitener

At lunch on Sunday I told a couple of jokes, but as I’m not sure about the appropriateness of doing so, I decided not to add them here!! The only even vaguely humorous thing I can think to write about today is a childhood experience…

At about the age of 5 or 6, I had my first trip to a dentist, or at least the first I can remember. I was a serious and extremely conscientious child, and took this trip very seriously. The dentist talked about how important it was to clean my teeth after every meal, and about keeping them white. on returning home, I took this information on board, even taking my toothbrush to school. When I inspected them in the mirror some weeks later, I thought maybe they weren’t white enough, suggesting to me perhaps I wasn’t doing a very good job cleaning them.

Anyway, we had two indigenous Australians working on the farm with us, and the next time I saw them, I was shocked to see how white their teeth were compared to mine. It worried me for days, and eventually I worked up the courage to ask them how they kept their teeth so white. The taller one called Snow looked at me seriously and told me they rubbed their teeth with charcoal every night.

After six weeks or so of doing this, and daily morning inspections, I could not see my teeth becoming whiter. Again, I eventually worked up the nerve, and asked Snow  if he thought my teeth were any whiter. He looked at me, then asked why. When I mentioned I had had taken his suggestion seriously, he laughed, so hard he had to hold his stomach to stop himself from falling over and rolling on the ground…

Before you laugh too, feel free to try it out for yourself!!!!!

4 thoughts on “Tuesday humour: Natural tooth whitener

  1. Hysterical….I can just see you now working that charcoal as hard as you could! I hope your trip is going well. Enjoy yourself my friend and be at peace within. Stay safe and stay in the light….Much love….VK


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