UK trip day 4

It’s difficult to believe I’m in the UK, and our time is almost up for us to be going home. The first two days were relaxing and refreshing, although I am really missing my darling husband and boys, and of course, the cats! Yesterday we travelled to St Alban’s to spend a day and night with Jenny, Michael’s sister, and I have loved having some time together with her.  We visited the town and also their Cathedral, which just happened to have the Magna Carta usually located in Lincolnshire museum. It was quite a treat, and the Cathedral was beautiful, built in 1077. Today we are travelling to Dorset to be with her parents., and of course, this time is all about them, and Michael, and their and our love for him, and in some way, to be together to help make up for the fact they could not travel to Australia to be with their son and brother during his final months and days. There are no words to truly express what this time will mean, not right now, nor perhaps in the future, but I believe it is important for us all.

Travelling with Andrew, Michael’s stepson, also the son of one of my close nursing girlfriends has been quite a treat too. He is quite similar to me, and it makes me laugh, as it is a tad challenging looking in the mirror and seeing a similar reflection occasionally!!!  As we fight over every single expense, it is hilarious to see two stubborn and fiercely independent people in action against each other… rather refreshing actually. My girlfriend should be very proud of both her children; I spent almost a week with Andrews sister Karina, as we shared Michael’s last days together and they are quite remarkable young people. Michael would have been incredibly proud of them, and could not have asked for more if they were his biological children. We were spoilt last night with a sumptuous meal prepared by Jenny, as well as having the company of one of her sons and his girlfriend. I think by the time we get home, it will be Jenny Craig for me!!!

Ps to my darling husband Pete… I miss you and can’t wait to see you Sunday morning xoxox

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