UK days 5 & 6

Well, it is hard to believe this is our last day in the UK… I’ve met my imaginary friends, and feel thrilled to have done so, and also a little sad to be saying goodbye. Of course, we will stay connected online and my sons won’t,have to be so worried… no axe murderers or other dangerous people, just lovely like-minded friends.

We’ve also spent three days with ‘family’, sharing the loss of my friend and Andrews stepfather Michael, their brother, uncle and son, and although it has been difficult and very sad at times, sharing our grief has been incredibly worthwhile, at least for Andrew and I, but I do think for them. My mourning is the reason I did not blog yesterday; I made an active choice not to as my heart was filled with too many things I simply didn’t want to share.

It is a late check out today, and a flight at 10pm tonight, and I can’t wait to get home now to see my darling husband, boys and cats, as well as my girlfriend Nadia-Louise. I am filling some of the time catching up with my youngest sons friend Jeremie, met when he was living in a hostel on Russell Square in London.  He is a delightful Frenchman, and chose brilliant restaurants last year when my husband and I caught up with him, so I’m looking forward to another great feed! We’ve eaten so much this trip I think I’ll be calling Jenny Craig on Monday!!!

I feel like the boxes are all ticked as far as being here and will go home with a full heart… Bon voyage to my UK friends, see you online until we meet again!

10 thoughts on “UK days 5 & 6

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  2. So very glad the trip went well in so many ways!!! It completes the circle and lets you begin again. Have a safe trip home and love and hugs to you always….VK xxoo


  3. so glad you are homeward bound and sounds like the trip was one you enjoyed very much with michaels loved ones. and meeting new friends to.cant wait for our catch up if it happens soon dear one, take care… to the moon xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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