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Source: Wikipedia

Last year when my tweeting became a bit more frenetic, the time I was tweeting, that is, around 5am Adelaide time when I am often up, meant I could quickly connect with my friends overseas, and so, they started to set their clock by my first tweet, and nicknamed it #SwafferTime!!! Since travelling and also partly because of jet lag my atomic clock has been set into turmoil, and #SwafferTime is all over the place. Not even I can work out what time it is, or much of the time, what is going on!!

My imaginary axe murdering friends in the UK also likened my timing to that of the atomic clock! I must say though, jet lag and odd sleeping patterns has meant I can chat more to them and my friends in Australia, in ‘real’ time while travelling!

Sometimes, my husband says there is something called the #SwafferFactor, as almost everywhere we go, I seem to meet people I know. When my darling husband and I landed in Sydney last week, in transit for New York City, the cab driver who picked us up was the same one who had picked me up about a month ago! We connected, and from there on, it was super friendly to the point he went past where we were meant to get off! I’ve not met anyone I know since being away though, which I suspect is slightly disappointing for Pete!

Even my ex-husband talked about the #SwafferFactor, although hashtags were not in then, and when he and I flew anywhere, he used to add in bold the very small country town of Rudall closest to the farm I grew up in into the Australian map in the airline book! Anyway, enough about the ex…which is in fact, moderately amazing he actually made it onto my blog!!!

As well as my internal clock being all over the place, I’ve not been able to blog every day as my brain function has not supported it. I forgot to write a poem when I did blog last Saturday, and completely forgot about Tuesday humour yesterday! No-one died, so no real drama, although I have had a few people say they have missed my daily blogs, which is always nice to read. One friend asked me to write about New York, which I found really difficult as the challenges of travelling and the D-factor were too close to the surface, and so it ended up about that, and very little about what we did and what we liked. I’ll make an effort when I get home to write something more positive SP! x


7 thoughts on “#SwafferTime

  1. Not to worry Kate. Take each day as it comes. I appreciate when you are able to write a blog but there will be times when it does not happen and I shall wait until you feel able to communicate again. Nothing is achieved by fretting, and much to be gained by accepting whatever life throws at you and striving , as you always do, to emerge from each dip. Keep positive and try and gain the most you can from these travels and your time with Peter. Lol as always xx


  2. Do what you want to do, when you want to do it….Anything else is just forcing yourself to do something that your heart is not into. The point of blogging is to write your thoughts when you feel compelled to do so. We are not meant to be held accountable for seven days a week 365 days of the year….That is someones ego working over time! We are here Kate, we are not going anywhere as you well know by now, so live life as you are meant to and check in when the spirit moves you. That is true blogging 🙂 Love to you….VK


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