When normal isn’t working…

weird 2This week I have thought I would never be able to keep up with blogging, and yes, I know I have cheated a little by adding some jokes and another light hearted one, but in fact, on Tuesday I published a second blog, not remembering I had already hit the publish button once that day. It was not until Wednesday when I was extremely confused about the blogs I was reading (my own) and wondering when I had written them, let alone published them. So, it seems, my blog really is also my B.U.B. or Back Up Brain, in the sense that I can go back to it like a memory bank.

weirdHowever the weirdness of feeling like I have plagiarised myself continues, and it really is weird, reading something you ‘know’ you have written or published, but have ‘no recollection of it’. And then, for a change, I was reading a few of the ASKIMET SPAM comments which I usually delete without bothering. It seems, normal is not working as well anymore, if it every was that is!?

weird 3Anyway, today one SPAM comment was useful, even though I did not approve it, and suggested I add more images to make my blog more interesting. Much of the time I am borrowing them from GoogIeImages.com, so I wish to acknowledge Google Images for every single image I have downloaded them here and everywhere else on my blog today. Thank you GoogIeImages.com. GoogIeImages.com, you really are the source of my delight, oh, and many of my images.Without you Google Images, I would be desperately seeking images from my dear husband, and not you GoogIeImages.com

So I am not being normal, I never was normal, and I have, according to many of my family and friends, always been at least a bit weird. It’s a happy place to be, and one I don’t wish to leave…

Ps, let me know if you like having more images here, or perhaps you may think it has made me a little too weird!



16 thoughts on “When normal isn’t working…

  1. Kate, I think the more images the better. As for being normal, or not … who wants to be normal or ordinary? Not me, for sure. How boring would that be. Your blogs are, rightly, being archived because they are true. No point writing them otherwise, but what courage and strength this takes. Keep going Kate. As I’ve said before, you are an incredible woman. There are very, very few people who leave a mark on the world. Through your blog, crazy, weird, image-ridden or image-free but never boring, you will do that.


  2. Weird is only a perspective but I believe being weird is so much less boring than being ordinary.

    No one could ever call you boring Kate – your energy, your sparkling insight and attitude, your inspiring nature is nothing more than glorious.

    I always sleep with a pad of paper and pen by my bed because I dream very vividly. If I didn’t write things down when half asleep I would never remember what it was I dream that impacted on me somehow.
    Sometimes its a load of absolute rubbish, but every now and again there is something insightful or useful that I may use when writing or when lecturing. Some of my best quotes have been developed in this manner. When I have no idea of it, no obvious thought has gone into it, but there, deep in my unconscious sub conspicuous brain, these little pearls are flicked out here and there.
    So even though I may not realize it, sometimes my subconscious is way ahead of me!!!!!!!!
    Thank goodness. πŸ™‚

    Now is that weird???? Maybe – lets all be weird together!!!!

    Love love love the quotes – keep em coming.

    Ps. Here is a little one a mate sent me once.

    When you find people
    who not only tolerate
    your quirks but celebrate
    them with glad cries of
    “Me too!!” be sure to
    cherish them. Because
    these weirdos are your



  3. The more I think about it and the longer I live Kate, the more I realise that ‘weird’ – what ever the heck that is anyway – is what makes the world go ’round. Weird is the spice of life; straight and normal are beige. Weird is the rainbow – ‘normal’ refracted through the prism of life that tells us that everything is made of diverse components. Without your, ‘weirdness,’ Kate, this world would be a poorer place. xo


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