8 thoughts on “Dementia and dignity

  1. Dementia, as a disease, robs us of our dignity.

    I want to live and die with dignity. I do not want to live with the final stages of Dementia. I just wish there was a compassionate legal system that helped us actually “die with dignity”


  2. Hi Kate.
    this is a little bit different to your post but also a bit the same. i have copied part of a post from our Facebook support group, and would be interested in adding your voice/opinion to my assignment. I’m currently working on an assignment on Nutrition and dementia with UTAS dementia degree. It has annoyed me greatly since my wife entered full time care 2.5 years ago in that they immediately put her on thickened liquids. I refuse to give her that when i’m in attendance and have managed to give her unthickened liquids without incident the past 2.5 years. I believe this is a recommended practise that needs changing , and have found current studies to back it up. By adding voice from the experts , I can better battle the PROFESSIONAL rules. Be as verbose as you wish , but please grant me liberty of quoting you. you are a voice that is commanding and demanding respect! for that I admire you.

    Please if you would help me with my homework. Would you please tell me which of 3 drinks you would prefer.
    DRINK no.1
    Any drinks of your choice, but not strong alcohol, can be hot or cold BUT you must drink a total every day equal to 8 glasses or 1.5 litres.
    THE CATCH is :WARNING – this may make you cough badly and might even cause you to breathe it in to your lungs. It could possibly end up with you in hospital with pneumonia.
    DRINK no.2
    Same as no.1
    BUT the drinks will be made thicker at meal times, so that they are about as runny as honey. in between meals they will be the same as no.1
    With this there is a LITTLE bit of danger of pneumonia but not like in no.1
    DRINK no.3
    Same as no.1 BUT
    the drinks will be thick as honey at all times. You will have NO choice, if you want to be guaranteed that there is very very little choice of getting pneumonia from your drinks. This will be for your own good, BUT might not suit your taste or your desires, that is it, it may not be nice and pleasurable.
    with your permission, i would like the option of quoting your replies, your privacy will be protected at all times, and nothing you say will be held against you, It may help make someones life more enjoyable.


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