Does a broken heart ever mend?


It would seem to me

The answer to that

Depends completely

On who breaks your heart

An old lover

One gets over

The death of a partner

One eventually recovers

Th loss of friends

After a diagnosis of dementia

I’m not so sure…

The death of a child

For many, never

But the broken heart

Caused by the destruction and hatred

Within ones own family

As much as I’d like to say yes

You will get over it

I suspect the real answer is

No, not ever.

12 thoughts on “Does a broken heart ever mend?

  1. Although we are very lucky that none of there friends have stopped seeing them-there support has been absolutely wonderful and we are very grateful for that-just some family members though. I’ll say my family are one of the “lucky ones” as not many people have been mean to him or taken advantage of him compared to other families but wish it was none though.


      • So true and i am sure it will as they have been lifelong friends of my Grandads. 2 of them since he was about 8 or 9 or 11-school friends and the other few for about 40+ years and one through family friends. Old friends are the best!💜😊👍


      • My school girlfriends have mostly deserted me, but some of the ‘boys’ have been amazing. Ashamed sometimes to have been a nurse; and ashamed sometimes to be a woman! The media talks about men and violence, but they have not yet covered how so many females are such total bitches… most of my nursing girlfriends are all still close xx


  2. All too common Kate – don’t get me started on my wife’s family (and she will agree!). Fortunately my side is small and relatively sane. Something to accept and not tolerate as someone once told me.


  3. Kate, Veda and I both had dysfunctional families, in different ways. We’ve each moved on, followed our dreams long ago. Our families now are peripheral and the chief neurotics, our mothers, have died, so in that sense we’re free.
    But sure, there’s bagage that rears its head now n’then. Just gotta do the work, eh? Sometimes we see old wounds resurface in our “stress” reactions.
    Life’s too bloody short to remain weighed down by the past. xx


  4. For many coming from not so nice homes, family ties break us inside and that kind of break has no healing for it plays a huge role in how we grow up, how we think, how we view the world. If that is all warped, it is next to impossible to heal for we grow up thinking the world and ourselves are something we are not….. Love and hugs…VK ❤


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